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Data Management & Performance Manager

04 juni 2024
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Company Description

The Inter IKEA Group Data Management and Performance Manager is focused on having trusted data across the IKEA value chain, with the right definitions and ownership. To make this happen, we keep together the ecosystem of data management specialists and solutions across. With the goal to ensure that our data becomes an asset to optimise the IKEA value chain.

The role includes managing data from a business perspective. This includes defining relevant business objects and maintaining their data and technical attributes. It includes responsibility for data's legal aspects, such as the general data protection regulation (GDPR) or retention times, and thus has a strong governance function.

Job Description

Data Performance Management:

Responsible for leading cost and value optimisation from a capability area (Data & Product) perspective. Monitoring and analysing costs associated with the managing of data treating “data as a product”, and performance initiatives, identifying opportunities for cost optimisation while maximising value from data assets. Leading the work of data and cost optimisation across the network to ensure the highest value to cost ratio for treating data as a product across Inter IKEA Group

Data Management:

Leading the totality of data management and the appreciation of the craftsmanship behind “data as a product-mindset” ensuring that it’s implemented across. This includes governance, quality, policies and procedures to ensure effective practices.

Establishing roles and processes for data management, defining protocols for introducing new data, and ensuring secure and compliant data disposal practices. Ensuring its implemented with all the aspects of IKEA and followed up across inter IKEA.

Data and Digital Ethics Management:

Developing and promoting ethical guidelines and standards for collection, use, and sharing of data, ensuring compliance with regulations and ethical principles related to data privacy, security, and fairness. Responsible for being ahead of regulations to connect use of data with IKEA values and doing good for people and planet.

Leading in implementing digital ethics policies and practices, providing guidance on ethical considerations in data management, analytics, and decision-making processes.

People and leadership:

Responsible for optimising existing and new partnerships for Data and Product capability area, ensuring a win-win situation and a continuous up-skilling/learning environment.

Responsible for defining, and maintaining, and follow up the implementation the “Data as a product-approach”: This includes sustaining and curating a comprehensive inventory of data products, complete with data detailing technical specifications, privacy considerations, and follow security protocols. Ensuring data quality is paramount, covering both the structure and the purpose of the data.

Leading the planning and execution of data migration and transition projects, ensuring smooth transitions and minimal disruption to business operations during system upgrades or mergers/acquisitions. Responsible for facilitating the use of data management tools and resources across Inter IKEA, providing training, guidelines and support to enable users to effectively use the tools and get the value for their business stakeholders to leverage data for decision-making and performance improvement.

Qualification Requirements


  • Advanced Degree and Extensive Experience: A master's degree in business information management or a related field, coupled with over a decade of experience in data management, including leadership roles, and cost/performance management or equivalent experience.
  • Leadership and Technical Expertise: Proven ability to lead teams of data professionals and deep knowledge of information modelling, metadata management, cost/performance management and enterprise architecture.
  • Proven ability to lead transition or migration projects within data or information management in large organisations.
  • Personality and leadership style in line with IKEA Values.


  • Integration and Legal Expertise: Proficiency in integration architecture and legal aspects of data management, including GDPR compliance.
  • Innovative Thinking: Experience with cutting-edge data technologies such as data lineage, data governance solutions and agile methodologies.
  • Service-Oriented Mindset: Familiarity with applying data management principles in a service-oriented organisation.
  • Understanding of product development, production and supply processes.

In summary, the Inter IKEA Group Data Management Leader orchestrates a multifaceted approach to data management, encompassing governance, ethics, performance, and enablement to harness the full potential of data in driving Inter IKEA's success.

Additional Information

This role is full-time and based in Malmo.

Interested? Submit your CV, in English, byJune 18th 2024. If you have questions about the recruitment process, please connect with jamila.harmal2@inter.ikea.com.

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