Become a Software Engineer within Pega at Swedbank in 12 weeks!

Become a Software Engineer within Pega at Swedbank in 12 weeks!

If you had one shot, one opportunity, to program your way into a spot at one of the largest banks, would you start coding? Or just let it slip. Swedbanks focus on IT and digitalization has never been bigger, and now is the time for you to be a part of it!
Come join us at Academy for three adventurous months, and your position as consultant at Swedbank will be waiting for you after graduation. We have started the recruitment process for junior software engineers - will you be one of them? Do our tests to find out, you find them at the end of the advert.

Information om uppdraget

As software engineer within Pega you will work with both application development and maintenance and be working closely to the business partners. Swedbank is running a large initiative with the purpose to meet the consumer demands based on the Pega platform. Pega is a strategic platform and this is one of Swedbanks most prioritized areas.

For Swedbank to succeed they have started a collaboration with Academy where highly motivated consultants will be trained into becoming Junior Software Engineers within Pega. The education is based on accelerated learning which means that you during three intensive months will learn all the skills needed in order to succeed in your role. After graduation you will have a thrilling future ahead, at one of three departments at Swedbank: Swedbank Insurance, LC&I and Group Lending & Payments.

Swedbank has an open culture where employees share ideas, knowledge and opinions. Many managers have worked at Swedbank for more than 10 years, they say it is because the career opportunities are endless, and youre encouraged to grow and develop. Among many benefits, Swedbank also offers access to their gym in order for you to keep a healthy work-life balance!

The education has proved being such a successful concept. After the graduation you will have a permanent placement as an IT consultant at Academic Work and will be working on a full-time assignment at Swedbank. The assignment will be on further notice and there are good opportunities to be recruited at Swedbank, given that all parties are satisfied with the cooperation. So far, Academy has examined over 1100 consultants whose journeys we are incredibly proud of, do you want to be one of them?


As a Software Engineer within Pega you will be able to use your creativity in to solve exciting tasks every day. A regular day for a Software Engineer starts with a stand-up meeting with your team where you go through the project and break it down to specific tasks. You cooperate closely with your coworkers in order to solve problems, design and implement technical solutions. The daily tasks also include testing new functionality, handling incidents, maintain systems and bring new ideas to the table.

The program contains Java fundamentals and object-oriented programming. You´ll also get a great insight in the Pega platform and take the PCSA certification. Moreover, you will get an understanding of databases, datatypes and how to send SQL-queries. Along the technical competences the program contains soft skills such as networking, consultant behavior and agile methodology to prepare you for your upcoming role as an IT consultant.

Welcome to Academy to read more and see why our previous consultants recommend the Academy.

Vi söker dig som

To attend this program, you need to be fluent in English and have an academic degree. However, you do not need any previous skills within Pega or IT - we will teach you this! Remember, you miss 100 percent of the shots you never take. Will you pass the tests and apply?!

We are looking for you who are passionate about digitalization and truly believe that success is something that only can be reached by working closely with others. In addition to your IT interest, you are a great problem solver who takes responsibility in everything you work with. You are persistent and have the ability to work hard and spend time, energy and commitment on your work. Furthermore, you are flexible where you easily adapts to changed circumstances.

Other information
  • All candidates need to have an approved criminal record and credit history.
  • Recruitment process: Starts at September 23rd. It is an ongoing recruitment process and the process includes tests and two interviews. If you want to increase your chances of getting a spot at Academy, apply today since our ambition is to fill the class as soon as possible.
  • Do the test to be able to apply to Academy by pressing the Apply here on other site button in the advert and go to the tests.
  • Academy program within Pega starts: 27th of January 2020, location: Kista. Including pre-studies 1 month before education start.
  • Extent of education: Full time, 9-17 for 12 weeks.
  • The assignment as a consultant start: 20th of April 2020, at Swedbank in Sundbyberg.
  • This recruitment process is conducted by Academic Work. The request from Swedbank is that all questions regarding the position is handled by
Academic Work and we will answer during office hours. For general considerations about your applications/our recruitment process, we are often available in our chat function on our web during weekdays.
* The recruitment process for the program within Pega at Academy is done together with both Swedbank and Tieto, and therefore we have multiple adverts published for this program.

We believe that the time has come for a new type of education. Therefore, we have started the Academy, a school that offers Accelerated Learning Programs. We prepare and educate people with the right abilities and ambitions for new challenges and careers. We do this by combining a challenging recruitment process that emphasizes what people can do tomorrow, not what they did yesterday. As well as a tailored training package we have developed together with some of the best teachers within their fields. This creates an educational environment where truly ambitious people can reach their full potential.

Academy is part of Academic Work and we are building the future school today!

Academy - få en känsla för utbildningen här!
Mer info
Område Sundbyberg
Yrkesroll Data & IT, Utvecklare
Typ av anställning Heltid, Tillsvidareanställd
Sista ansökningsdag löpande (60 dagar kvar)

Om arbetsgivaren

Swedbank is a modern bank firmly rooted in Swedish savings bank history. They are an inclusive bank with 7.4 million private customers and more than 600 000 corporate and organizational customers. This makes them Swedens largest bank in terms of number of customers and gives them a leading position in their other home markets of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. As a major bank, they are a significant part of the financial system and play an important role in the local communities they serve. They are dedicated to helping their customers, their shareholders and society as a whole stay financially sound and sustainable.