System developer to Nexer R&D, Stockholm

System developer to Nexer R&D, Stockholm

We are now looking for a coworker with experience in system development to Nexer R&D!

In this role, you will work with the futures innovation products today together with a passionate team in R&D. We are looking for you with a strong interest in solving complex problems. What languages and techniques you are using are secondary the most important are that you are comfortable with agile software development and product development.

Send in your application today and take the chance to be one of us!

What can we offer you?

Our customers are within different product development companies and we are passionate about problem-solving with product development. The assignments vary between being out at our clients/customers or with the team in-house. On R&D you will work with the forefront of technology and push the boundaries of what is possible. In the current situation, we have an extra need for competence within AWS and Azure.

Knowledge sharing is very important at Nexer and here you have the opportunity to develop and learn new things all the time. You set the bar yourself for how high you want to reach- we see no limits as we want you to continue to develop and of course have fun at work!

How does your background look like?

We are looking for you as:
  • Have at least 3 years of experience as a system developer, tester, architect, software developer, or something similar.
  • Have experience in C/C++, .NET, Java, or Python
  • Have an interest in any of the following: AWS, Azure, CI/CD, Linux, IoT, Simulation, or other nearby areas.
  • Speak och writes fluently in English or Swedish.
We think you are a person that likes to solve problems and have good communication skills. You have an interest in innovation and like to come up with creative solutions.

What is Nexer like as an employer?

At Nexer, we think that every new idea, every innovation and new acquaintance is a promise of a better future. For you, for our customers and for the world we live in.

The future is not a distant dream, it's created by the actions we make today. At Nexer, you get to dream big, think smart and make sure things really happen. We take visionary ideas and create solid strategies. We use technology as a tool for progress and find new ways to communicate.

We are value-driven and put our hearts into everything we do. You are close to those who make the decisions, and you can always be involved and influence. Working at Nexer gives you a strong employer with an international presence and great opportunities to develop.


Please send in your application below. We cannot handle applications that are sent through email. Applications are handled on an ongoing basis. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the responsible manager Mattias Frisk or the responsible recruiter Kleo Dela Cruz

More about Nexer

We lead the change and constantly strive to find new technical solutions. If there is a smarter way to do something, we will find it. We challenge ourselves every day to think outside the box and help our customers to always be one step ahead. Our services in digitization, IT and R&D give our customers value and growth, both in the Swedish and global markets. We have also been named Microsoft Country Partner of the Year in Sweden and Brazil - twice.

Our great community involvement in Star for Life, Mitt Liv, Pink Programming and Kodcentrum gives you as an employee the opportunity to make a real difference.

Nexer is entrepreneurial and has over 1500 experts in strategy, technology and communication. We are present in nine countries and in more than 20 locations in Sweden. Nexer is part of the Danir Group and was formerly named Sigma IT.
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Område Stockholms stad
Yrkesroll Data & IT, Utvecklare
Typ av anställning Heltid
Sista ansökningsdag 30 maj 2021 (14 dagar kvar)

Om arbetsgivaren

Vi leder förändringen och strävar hela tiden efter att hitta nya tekniska lösningar. Finns det ett smartare sätt att göra någonting, så hittar vi det. Vi utmanar oss själva varje dag att tänka utanför ramarna och hjälper våra kunder att hela tiden ligga steget före. Tjänster inom digitalisering, IT och R&D ger ökad kundnytta och tillväxt för organisationer både på den svenska och globala marknaden. Vi har också utsetts till Microsoft Country Partner of the Year i Sverige och Brasilien - två gånger. Vårt stora samhällsengagemang i Star for Life, Mitt Liv, Pink Programming och Kodcentrum ger även dig som medarbetare möjlighet att göra verklig skillnad. Nexer är entreprenörsdrivet och har över 1500 experter inom strategi, teknik och kommunikation. Vi finns i nio länder och på fler än 20 orter i Sverige. Nexer är en del av Danir-koncernen och hette tidigare Sigma IT.