Awesome Python developer

Awesome Python developer

A kick ass Python developer eager to mentor - and learn from - your teammates. We are on a growth journey looking into Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internationalization etc. Always backed up by data and hypothesis driven development and lots and lots of experimentation at a high pace. Come join our cause and make a difference in the company and in the society!

You dig the concept of fullstack but this role emphasizes our backend and architecture and we expect you to have vast experience in various modern technologies. You are verbal and can argue for your standpoint as well as humble for new ideas.
This will be a senior role. So, let us say you have at least 5 years of backend experience with Python.

* Solid experience in REST APIs, MySQL and AWS.

* Some kind of frontend experience (we are using React and React Native)

* If you have worked through scaling a product before, that would be even better.

As important as your will and curiosity to learn is your will to share and enthusiasm the team about your knowledge. Your main time will be spent getting your hands dirty in the code but you still like to discuss different solutions for both technical, product, organizational and business specific challenges. You are the pragmatic programmer - you understand that the perfect technical solution in some cases have to stand back for the business - even if your role of course will be to advocate for the technical.

We believe titles make team members hesitant to own decisions but today you probably act as a tech lead in a team or aiming to shoulder this kind of responsibility and are ready for the next step in your career. Do you have previous experience in healthtech or health care it's a plus, but don't hesitate if you have not - as the right candidate you will pick up the domain fast enough.

As a leader I encourage your own responsibility and creativity in our product as well as in your own personal development. I am open and clear in my communication and I like discussing matters - high or low. I like to see your strong energy and want to coach you in your role as well as your person. Your attitude is as important as your formal qualifications. Our cooperation is at its best when we challenge each other from different angles and unite in a common way forward where I support you in reaching your goals.
Martin Börlin, your Servant Leader

We are changing the lives of health care-givers literally while making money and having fun.

We are a NO bullshit team where you can be yourself and build an amazing product together that is used by thousands today and millions tomorrow.

* Competitive Salary PLUS Stock options

* You get to chance to make a lot of impact in our product development

We want to empower health care by solving unforeseen vacancies through a unique digital service.

Every day we connect thousands of health care workers with public and private hospitals and healthcare departments. We have initiated a journey to scale the company and the platform to help tens of thousands more.

Moving there, we work closely together within the whole company and external stakeholders, perform user interviews, analyse data do A/B tests and experiments. Our techstack is built upon a microservice backend architecture in Python and React/React native as frontend. We are humble, care a lot about our product, our users and our co-workers

We believe in responsible and secure teams with high responsibility over product as well as workload and to learn and to teach. Rather than micromanage, our managers do what they do best - helping their employees grow, understand user needs, frame technical strategies and form product visions.

In parallel with technical development we are facing several exciting challenges like expanding to new markets, developing new strategic features and continuously improving the user experience.
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Kontaktperson Martin Börlin
Telefon 0730920903
Email Mejla Martin Börlin
Område Stockholms stad
Yrkesroll Back-end utvecklare, Data & IT
Typ av anställning Heltid, Tillsvidareanställd
Sista ansökningsdag 27 juli 2020 (20 dagar kvar)

Om arbetsgivaren

Cirka 90% av bemanningsbehoven inom vården är oförutsedda vakanser till följd av sjukdom, tillfälligt ökat tryck på vårdplatser och behovet av specialistkompetens. De traditionella bemanningsföretagen har aldrig kunnat påverka det. Nu är det äntligen möjligt. Till skillnad från traditionella bemanningsföretag är Medpeople inte till för att ersätta ordinarie personal med konsulter. Tvärtom. Vi vill stärka upp vid akuta och tillfälliga resursbehov för att spara på den ordinarie personalen som är stommen i vården. Vi anser att den ordinarie personalen har rätt till en sommarsemester, rimlig arbetsbörda och skälig lön. Medpeople vill förbättra vården som helhet. Därför har Medpeople tagit fram ett digitalt bemanningssystem för att lösa vårdens korta och akuta vakanser. Snabba lösningar på akuta vakanser minskar stress, övertid och inbeordring av ordinarie personal vilket minskar risken för arbetsmiljöproblem. Genom ökad transparens, moderna verktyg, bättre villkor och ett mer flexibelt sätt att jobba är vi säkra på att vårdens bemanning kan ske mer effektivt samt hjälpa till att få ner de skenande kostnaderna för vårdbemanning i hela landet. Med dedikerade vårdkonsulter ökar möjligheten för vårdgivare att ha en töjbar organisation där kompetens kan kallas in för att tillfälligt höja volymen och avlasta ordinarie personal.

Medpeople har tidigt positionerat sig inom digital vårdbemanning med en produkt som löser resurs- och arbetsmiljöproblem inom vården, minskar tids- och kostnadskrävande administration och främjar samhällsekonomin med lägre vårdkostnader. Tjänsten ger konsulterna större frihet, flexibilitet och har marknadens högsta ersättning.

Tack vare den digitala tjänsten sparas tid och pengar eftersom det inte behövs några mellanhänder. I sin tur resulterar det i att Medpeople kan ha branschens lägsta marginaler, där rätt peng går till rätt sak. Tillsammans kan vi göra skillnad, på riktigt.