Driven and organized administrator with a passion for climate change

Driven and organized administrator with a passion for climate change

Do you care about climate change? Sustainability? Feeding, clothing, and sheltering a growing global population? You may think it's hard to have an impact on such large-scale matters as an administrator, but in your role at EnginZyme, you can.

We're a Swedish rapidly growing startup founded in 2014 that is developing a new, sustainable way to produce the building blocks of the world — the billion tonnes of plastics, nylons, rubbers, and all the other things that we touch on a day to day basis. With our technology platform we can use the power of nature (so called "enzymes" — complex molecules that exist in all living things) to produce these and similar products in a simpler and more efficient way than before. This gives us a unique position to address many of the challenges that the world is facing in the 21st century. In particular, it is our ambition to play a central role in the mitigation of climate change.

We're funded by well-known investors, and employ some of the best researchers in their respective fields, from all over the world. We're building an industry-leading company for the long-term, and want to invite you to come along for the journey.

What you'll do

In a company run like a well-oiled machine — where folders and documents are well-organised, where HR processes run smoothly, and nobody's grumpy because we're out of coffee filters — people do their best work. Your role is to make sure the company runs like such a machine. You will be the person who clears the road so that everyone else can press the gas pedal and go full speed ahead with their research, business development, or whatever it is. This work is very important to us, because an outstanding administrator acts as a multiplier on everyone else's productivity.

Key tasks and responsibilities in this role are:
  • Manage agendas/travel arrangements/appointments
  • Support budgeting and bookkeeping procedures
  • Assist with HR processes like reference checking or posting job ads
  • Keep our knowledge management systems (Dropbox and similar) organised and searchable
  • Assist with online searches and data retrieval tasks
  • Track stocks of office and lab supplies and place orders when necessary
  • Help prepare presentations/proposals/Excel models/press releases/social media posts
  • Assist the management team and other colleagues whenever necessary
  • Arrange kick-offs, events, and speaker invitations
  • Suggest better tools and ways to improve effectiveness in the company
The position is based in Stockholm and English is the primary language we use at work.

Who you are

We're looking for a world-class administrator. You may have a background in administration, project management, law, economics, or HR, but no particular background is a strict requirement. What's important is that when you hear the words "world-class administrator" you think "that's me!".

In terms of personal qualities, we're looking for someone who:
  • Is highly organised and detail-oriented. The kind of person who can't stand the sight of a pile of unorganised receipts and never gets a number wrong in their Excel sheets.
  • Has a passion for what they do. Someone who truly enjoys organising, structuring, and helping others do their best work.
  • Is agreeable. A warm, cooperative, and friendly person.
  • Gets things done. A self-disciplined, extraordinarily efficient doer
  • Doesn't settle. Someone who pushes the envelope, overdelivers, and goes out of their comfort zone.
If this describes you, we want to hear from you today!

What we can offer you
  • The opportunity to be part of something big and important
  • To work with world-class researchers on challenging tasks
  • Competitive salary
  • The get in on the ground floor — it's still early days and we will grow rapidly in the coming year
  • A friendly, multi-cultural, tight-knit group employing people from all over the world. On our team of 15 we have Brits, Bolivians, Norwegians, Argentinians, Russians, Mexicans, half-Indians and quarter-Samis — actual Swedes are a minority!
  • Startup mentality. No red tape, lots of responsibility and ownership
  • One of the best cities in the world to live and work (don't take our word for it! Just listen to this guy for five minutes: We offer relocation support and help you get set up
  • An environment where you're free — and expected — to continuously learn and grow
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