External Lecturer – Biomedical Engineering

External Lecturer – Biomedical Engineering

Opportunity to teach highly motivated US-based university students in Stockholm

DIS Stockholm is currently hiring part-time faculty to teach or co-teach the course Biomedical Engineering in Scandinavia starting in August 2021. Preparation of course content will start in spring 2021 (pre-preparation fee will be paid out separately). The course will be offered twice per year: fall term (mid-August to mid-December) and spring term (mid-January to mid-May), a total of 10 months per year. The position is temporary for one year but with great chances for extended employment.

The course includes lectures, discussions, student-centered learning activities, field studies in the Stockholm region, one faculty-led study tour within Sweden, one faculty-led study tour to Denmark and Norway, student assessment, grading, and feedback.

Course description: Engineer tools for biomedical discovery. This course explores the design, development, and implementation of cutting-edge technologies instrumental in advancing the biomedical sciences. Featuring current developments in Stockholm and the Nordic region, the course incorporates Field Studies with real-life examples from academia and industry, to explain, analyze, and evaluate engineering principles behind technology design. Topics may include medical devices, noninvasive imaging, biomechanics, nanotechnologies, stem cell and tissue engineering, molecular and structural imaging technologies, and genetic engineering. Through a collaborative project involving local researchers and industry partners, you utilize engineering principles to propose novel technologies within the field.

For more information about the course syllabus please visit our recruitment platform: https://dis.career.emply.com/available-positions

There are many good reasons to teach at DIS, including excellent opportunities to:
  • Work in an international, informal, and enthusiastic academic environment with an emphasis on cross-cultural understanding, teamwork, innovation, collegiality, and adaptability.
  • Develop interactive, experiential teaching skills and teaching experience in English.
  • Enhance the cultural competencies of US-based students/emerging professionals by sharing your knowledge of Scandinavia and local best practices.
  • Expand professional networks throughout Scandinavia and the United States.
Main tasks and responsibilities as part-time faculty
  • Revise and finalize the syllabus for the course, in collaboration with DIS staff. Please note: This is an introductory course to various topics within biomedical engineering, taught to engineering students in their third or fourth year of university studies. Specific course topics may vary depending on the particular expertise of the teaching faculty.
  • Teach at DIS Stockholm. The teaching format includes classroom lectures, discussions, active learning activities, experiential learning activities, field studies, and domestic and international study tours.
  • Plan academic visits and travel with students in faculty-led study tours. The first tour takes the classroom to Lund and Malmö (3 days) and various sites in Stockholm (2 days). The second tour (6 days) takes students to Denmark and Norway for course-integrated site visits.
  • Assess students' performance, grade assignments, and provide feedback to students throughout the course.
  • Participate in meetings/workshops to develop pedagogical skills inline with the DIS teaching philosophy.
Professional competencies
  • Relevant background (Ph.D. in biomedical engineering or related field), professional engineering experience, and hands-on expertise within the field of the course.
  • The candidate should be open to pedagogical support from DIS and capable of incorporating DIS's interactive and hands-on teaching philosophy into teaching practice.
  • Experience creating a structured and interactive learning environment is an advantage.
Application Process

Please submit your CV and application letter, addressing the professional competencies above, in English, as soon as possible. In your application, you should clearly state the position you are applying for. Applications will be processed as received. You can also apply directly on our recruitment platform: https://dis.career.emply.com/available-positions

Contact Information

Please send an e-mail to engineering@disstockholm.se

mporary employment: 12 months but with great chances for extended employment.

Part-time: Approximately 15 hours per week. January-May and August - December.

Deadline: As soon as possible, but no later than 2021-03-31.

Start date: 2021-08-01, but the preparation of the course content will start in spring 2021 (pre-preparation fee will be paid out separately).
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