Analytical Consultant

Analytical Consultant

To our customer - one of the biggest and most well-known multinational technology company in the world, we are now looking for driven, analytical and self-motivated relationship builder with 3+ years of experience within marketing and/or advertising. Is this you? Then apply today for the position as Analytical Consultant.

About the job
As an Analytical Consultant you work with customers across industries. You go deep with the biggest customers in each industry and analyze what yet unidentified opportunities they have in better reaching their business objectives. This can involve analyses of how well the coverage of their online presence across markets and in this clients auction matches their product portfolio, as well as how well their branding media investments matches their primary target groups. You identify these insights, package them and share them with the customer as a trusted advisor. As you discover insights with the biggest customers, you also work with different ways to scale this process to other relevant customers that can benefit from the same approach, for example by building processes, narratives, templates and scripts.

As an Analytical Consultant you also scale access to this clients data via educating partners and customers on how to access their data via publicly available tools and APIs, and by creating internal scaled insights dashboards and reports. In your work you are the point-of-contact for one business area, for example retail or finance. You also have at least one center of excellence, for example an industry such as retail, finance or travel, or a relevant area such as data visualization or data compliance. In your work you also oversee so that every customer has a relevant measurement plan and approach.

  • Be the trusted advisor to customers on data, missed opportunities and measurement.
  • Create bespoke insights analyses for this clients biggest customers to identify opportunities to better meet their business objectives, for example how their online presence matches the consumer demand, or how well their branding investments match their primary target audiences. Scale insight best practice from the biggest customers to the rest of the customer portfolio via processes, narratives, templates and scripts.
  • Secure great measurement plans and approaches for every customer in close collaboration with Measurement Specialists as needed.
  • Educate the market on accessing data via publicly available tools and APIs as well as create scaled insights resources internally for seasonality, events etc.
  • Own at least one center of excellence area such as an industry (retail, finance, etc) or functional area (data visualization, data compliance, etc).
Minimum Qualifications
  • Analytical knowledge and experience.
  • Sales or consulting experience, ideally related to marketing, media and/or advertising.
  • Fluent in Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finish and/or English.
Preferred Qualifications
  • Advertising experience from either the advertiser, agency or other media owner side.
  • Analytical experience from the finance function of a company.
  • SQL and scripting knowledge and experience.
  • Experience from working across multiple markets.
  • Experience from dashboard technologies such as Tableau, QlikView and Data Studio.
About the customer
Our customer is an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologies, a search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware. It is considered one of the Big Five technology companies in the U.S. information technology industry, and they are now looking for a new college.

Contact details

If you have questions about the assignment or the recruitment process, you are welcome to contact responsible recruiter:

Moa Lardner name via +4610 - 173 73 00.

Welcome with your application!
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Sista ansökningsdag 14 feb 2021 (18 dagar kvar)

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