Interested in being a part of training future IT consultants within the Pega platform?

Interested in being a part of training future IT consultants within the Pega platform?

Academy is an education provider, we are building the skills that the industry needs while boosting careers of truly ambitious people. In our quest to educate motivated students to new careers we continuously seek people with the right skills and a drive to teach on our programs. Since we believe in practical learning, we think the best suitable to teach our students are people who practice the skills and solve the problems every day as professionals, are you one of our new teachers?

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Being a teacher at Academy means that you get to work with what you have passion for, both the work-related techniques that you teach and to see others grow! You truly share Academys views on teaching and learning and apply this by giving short lectures followed by practical exercises and assignments where you support, feedback and coach the students. As a teacher you will be responsible for specific subjects and learning outcomes which is key in your planning, performance and follow up for the students.

As a teacher at Academy you
  • Create teaching and learning material based on the learning outcomes (e.g. PowerPoints, exercises/assignments)
  • Teach our students in an inspiring and efficient way using The Academy Way methods
  • Follow up our students learning on a weekly basis to measure progress and evaluate training effectiveness and prepare feedback
  • Give the students feedback to support and enhance learning
Our teachers always say that the most fun with being a teacher at Academy is the opportunity to work with highly motivated students and be able to share their interest with so many people! The extent of the assignment varies so most of our teachers work as professionals with real projects combined with their assignments with us - lets discuss the extent further!

No matter how much time your teacher assignment at Academy means you will work closely with one of Academys Program Manager whom is responsible for the project management and execution of the program. You will also work with possible other teachers and be part of Academys Teacher Community. You also work near Academy's Head of Learning Development, which introduces and educates you in Academy's pedagogy.

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The most important thing for us is that you are passionate about teaching your knowledge to others, that you are competent in your field and think that this sounds like the world's most fun job! You like to be challenged and to always go one step further to reach your goals, at Academy we want all participants to learn a new profession, which is sometimes tough as a teacher, but also fantastic fun!

You have experience of working in the Pega platform, preferably in different kinds of IT projects or companies. Since the students will be working as junior System Architects within Pega, you have the skills needed to train them to work in the platform hands-on and in projects inspired by your work experience.

As a person you are curious about Academy's pedagogy since you enjoy teaching! You are structured since you will be designing your learning activities and instruct in a way that makes all students reach the learning outcomes. You are trustworthy and honest in your communication which is important both in your feedback to the students and in your collaboration with the Program Manager.
  • Start: Mid January 2020
  • Extent: Open for discussion, between 10-45 days between mid-January to mid-April 2020
  • Location: Stockholm, Kista
* Recruitment process are handled by Academy why all questions concerning the assignment goes to Program Manager Saga. Please do also send your application directly to
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Område Stockholms stad
Yrkesroll Data & IT, IT-Arkitektur
Typ av anställning Deltid
Sista ansökningsdag Löpande (60 dagar kvar)

Om arbetsgivaren

Our concept is an answer to the growing skills gap, not only the current one but also as an answer to how people could keep learning and be lifelong employable in a world of continuous development. We are proud to have been examining more than 1200 participants since we started in 2015! Our concept enables for people to change careers at any time in their life, with the safety of an employment right after graduation.

The recruitment to our programs ensures that the students are motivated and have the right abilities for the role they will learn. We dont care what the students did yesterday, meaning we dont look at their CVs, we care about what they have the abilities to do tomorrow, meaning we test their abilities! After the tests we educate the students in a 12-week intensive program with focus on the knowledge and skills that is truly needed to make sure our students are productive from day one at the job! After graduation the students become junior consultants, employed by Academic Work working on assignments at different clients. This means our unique concept in three parts enables for people to switch careers while the companies can find the skills they need, and then they can grow together!

Our views on teaching and learning and ways of working is described in our pedagogical platform, The Academy Way.The core of our methods is to work with short high tempo lectures, practical problem solving and constant feedback dialog between students and teachers so accelerate the learning in an efficient way!

If you also believe that learning by doing is a great approach and see yourself being or having the abilities to become a great teacher together with us, keep on reading!