CRO Specialist

CRO Specialist

Hi my name is Sam Zavosh, I'm the head of sales at Halebop and seek for a new star to our team.

Halebop is the mobile operator with Sweden's most satisfied customers (Svenskt kvalitetsindex, 2020). A title that we've won 11 times during the last 13 years. We are a tight team of 17 people managing one of Sweden's largest mobile operators and we take great pride in what we do. Halebop is a Jack-of-all-trades type of organization that makes shit happen. If you like to wear 3 hats at a time, keep reading. We hate PowerPoint, but we love crazy ideas. We care about people and culture much more than we care about MBA's and degrees.

Halebop is a constant growing organism in the Telia Company ecosystem. Telia is the largest mobile operator in Sweden and has been around since 1800-something. Halebop's main objective is growth. We have the characteristics of a start-up, and the wallet of a whale.

Who are you?
One of Halebop's biggest strengths is its culture and people. We search for our next member, not just a resume. Therefore, we've put together a set of characteristics that we find most important for this CRO position. Does this sound like you?
  • You are a constant evolving polymath. You are multidisciplinary and a non-stop learner. You believe that effective CRO can only happen when copywriting, data, analytics and testing come together - you are comfortable in all of them. Basic coding skills in JavaScript, jQuery, HTML and CSS is a big bonus.
  • The curious breed. The needs and wants of our consumers change at a rapid pace. You have a strong sense of curiosity that pushes you to read, ask questions, research, and dig deep into what make people tick.
  • Critical Thinker. Anyone can look at Halebop's website design and say, "this is terrible". You can articulate exactly what isn't working, what could be bettedr and why. You use our data to examine how visitors and customers are using the site and our apps, what problems or bottlenecks they face, and how to overcome these issues to enable successful conversions.
  • You have a discerning mind. You know that you don't have to track and analyze every change, but you can spot the difference between critical-to-analyze and nice-to-analyze in your sleep.You are judicious about your time.
  • Student of Mankind. CRO is, at its core, the study of what people want. You have an interest in psychology and analyzing and understanding people's motivations and desires. Your friends and co-workers find you empathic and with immense people skills. You will be talking to our customers, so you need to understand what they're saying, what they are not saying and what they are hoping for - all part of finding out how to solve your problems.
  • You are a flexible wordsmith. You have a feel for customizing tone, diction, style and format for different buyer personas. This requires writing that isn't just good, but flexible.
  • The Tortoise (not the Hare).As in Aesop's fable: The Tortoise and the Hare you're aware that it can take many tests to find what works. You are no stranger to failures - you have years of experience of them. With every test you learn something of value, you continue, again and again and eventually achieves the wins you have been looking for.
Your next challenge?
  • Using analytics data, identify areas of the purchase funnel that are high value targets for optimization
  • Manage and drive A/B- and multivariate testing from concept to implementation to post-mortem analysis
  • Collaborate with UX, Dev and Marketing Automation to build highly-converting experiences
  • Using a continuous, iterative approach, improve conversion rates by conducting A/B- and Multivariate experiments throughout both website and apps
  • In collaboration with the project team, set requirements for the build of our new eCom platform and apps.
  • Share optimization learnings for improvement across the organization Communicate with project stakeholders to ensure experiments meet primary objectives
  • Test designs on multiple devices and ensure browser and device compatibility
  • Analyze and understand existing customer flows to improve site and app usability.
If this sounds like you, great!! We would love to meet you, please send in your application in Swedish or English. Reach out and let's see how deep the rabbit hole goes!

Don't hesitate to ask questions regarding the role: contact Sam Zavosh on

Application deadline is the 3rd of June, 2021

Welcome to Halebop - Home to your next big opportunity!
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Om Halebop Halebop är en av de största mobiloperatörerna i Sverige. Halebop erbjuder marknadens mest prisvärda helhetserbjudande där fria samtal, meddelanden och en massa surf ingår. Halebop har de nöjdaste mobilkunderna enligt SKI 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 och 2013. Halebop ingår i Telia Company-koncernen och går i Telias nät. På finns mer information. Mångfald berikar vår affärsverksamhet och vår kultur. Det skapar dynamik i våra kundmöten, vårt arbetssätt och innovativa team. Vi tycker det blir roligare att arbeta om vi alla är olika! Välkommen till oss!