Ex-jobb 30 credits – Development platform for Steering algorithms using LEGO Mindstorm

Ex-jobb 30 credits – Development platform for Steering algorithms using LEGO Mindstorm

Scania is now undergoing a transformation from being a supplier of trucks, buses and engines to a supplier of complete and sustainable transport solutions.

Thesis project at Scania is an excellent way of making contacts for your future working life. Many of our current employees started their career with a thesis project.

During concept developments with new complex axle configuration it is hard to foresee how the vehicle will behave in all scenarios from a steering point of view. For fast development and evaluation of new steering algorithm it would be helpful to verify if the algorithm works as expected at an early stage of development phase.

As Scania has a modular platform we are looking for an evaluation platform built up the same way as Scanias module system is. By having axles as modules we believe we can build all our new innovative axle configuration that we need to evaluate steering behavior.

We believe that Technic LEGO and programming it with LEGO Mindstorms would fit the needs of Scanias new steering evaluation platform and it will be the objective of this thesis to verify or dismiss that this is possible.

New ideas for different kinds of configurations on trucks and busses are constantly being evaluated, and with this new evaluation platform we hope to make our evaluation faster and better.

Set up a new prototype platform which is useful for Scania to test new steering concept with different axle configurations. This platform should include:
  • Programmable through Simulink or with C-code.
  • Electric motors for driving
  • Driven axles
  • Steerable axles
  • Frame and other needed parts for building different configurations.
The assignment will include:
  • Develop a method for connection C-code or Simulink model and connect it with the development platform.
  • Steer the development platform with Scania steering model.
  • Evaluate the accuracy of the platform, measure and compare with an existing Scania vehicle.
  • Evaluate and develop a new steering algorithm for articulated busses (by using the new development platform).
Important questions that we seek answers within this thesis:
  • Is it possible to use such a Technic LEGO platform for concept development of vehicle steering?
  • What accuracy will this platform have? To be able to use the development platform in the future we need to know what accuracy to expect from the concepts we develop though it.
M.Sc. in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering specialised in mechatronics or similar.
Number of students: Ideally done in pair of two students
Start date: 2019-01
Estimated time needed: 20 weeks

Contact persons and supervisors:
Lars Soldagg
System owner Electrohydraulic Tag axle system (EST), 08-553 89955, lars.soldagg@scania.com

Enclose CV, personal letter and school-leaving certificate.
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