Director Project Loan Financing

Director Project Loan Financing

WA3RM develops and finances circular and biobased operations that reuse residual flows from major industries. WA3RM regenerates industrial waste streams and turns them to life, typically in greenhouses, fish farms, water treatment or biofuel.

WA3RM focuses on large, energy-intensive, industries with well-developed and efficient operations. These produce a steady flow of surplus streams that represent challenges in terms of sustainability and that are often costly for the industry to handle. These flows can represent important resources for external actors, which is one of the core aspects of WA3RM’s offering.

WA3RM connect players who would never have come into contact with each other to create a new business that offers many positive effects, including:
  • an opportunity for heavy industry to achieve climate neutrality or even climate positivity (“beyond zero”) before 2030
  • a new green investment instrument for investors (our concept has attracted a great deal of interest from institutional actors)
  • an opportunity for Sweden to turn a comparative disadvantage (cold climate and darkness) into a comparative advantage (heating and access to CO2 at low cost combined with relatively low electricity prices) which allows us to strengthen our degree of self-sufficiency in fruit and vegetables (today we according to LRF at 50% compared to eg Finland which is at 80%) - of all the tomatoes we eat in Sweden today, 85% are imported
  • a local and “smartly produced” food that is not “weighed down” by long transports before they reach Swedish consumers
  • create new ‘green’ job possibilities - bringing life and development opportunities into local communities.
Job description
The Director Project Loan Financing is responsible for all aspects of WA3RM´s project loan financing activities. This position will maintain and grow loan financing relationships to ensure competitive financing solutions.

  • Drive down the company’s cost of capital
  • Own and improve project loan financial models
  • Maintain key relationships with banks and financial institutions
  • Review and negotiate project loan financing
  • Serveral years’ experience in project loan financing
  • A good network within the banking system and/or with other lenders/institutes
  • Abity to communicate complicated and technical points clearly both verbally and in writing.
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken.
Masters in Finance, MBA, or equivalent work experience

Personal traits
We are looking for someone who is committed and passionate about working with projects within sustainability. You have a good ability to work strategically, systematically and proactive. You are passionate about the need for action and impact to make real and lasting change a reality. At the same time, you are also passionate about bottom line and delivering outstanding returns to investors. These to go hand in hand at WA3RM.

You are a good communicator with the ability to work well with others in a team environment. You like to be part of a dynamic and fast paced setting and work with colleagues with different backgrounds but that share a common. And you don’t mind being your own boss.

WA3RM offers
At WA3RM, you are offered the opportunity to work with solutions in sustainability and energy that are at the forefront in the industry and in the world. You get a great opportunity to be a part of a very purpose drive team, outstanding development projects and really innovative solutions.

You are offered the opportunity to be part of an expansive company and work with colleagues who are passionate about what they do.

Within WA3RM, there are great development opportunities as the company has clear strategies and goals to grow.

If you have questions you’re welcome to contact A-Talent Search recruiter Maria Lindahl, 070- 9176757 or
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