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Could you picture yourself working with one of the strongest global brands in the world? Do you have strong technical skills as well as a genuine interest for customer experience? We are searching for an IT professional with strong communication skills to Mercedes-Benz in Malmö. Send us your application today, we're working with an on-going selection!


As a part of a larger program focusing on developing and improving customer experience Mercedes-Benz is now looking for an IT professional with focus on software/applications. You will be part of a cross-functional team consisting of Sales, Market, Retail Network Development and After-Sales, in which you represent IT in both strategic and operative matters. This entails, among other things, information system integrations, updates and development, where you're both responsible for planning and creating requirement specifications as well as hands on technical responsibility in carrying out the projects.

You will be a part of a creative environment, where much of the specific tasks and activities is yet to be concretized. A long with representatives from Sales, Marketing, Retail Network Development and After-Sales, the goal is to identify specific actions and tasks needed to improve customer experience and structure this in a project. This is done in alignment with HQ colleagues in Stuttgart, as well as with a continuous dialogue with the organization and retailers. You will report and follow-up with the Program Manager of the customer experience project and the IT Manager.
The assignment is profoundly dynamic and various, as a lot of the smaller projects is yet to be determined, but will be concretized as an ongoing process. In order to succeed you're able to find motivation and structure in this kind of set up, and continuously work to provide guidance and hands on support in all IT related matters within the project.

Are you ready for your next challenge? Join us in the further development of customer experience with one of the world's strongest brands - Mercedes-Benz!


To qualify for the assignment, you have a Bsc. Degree in Information Systems, or degree within an equivalent field. Further, you have at least 3 - 5 years of experience of similar roles. You have:
  • ... previous experience of working with information systems, preferably within a larger organization with a wide range of systems. This experience should include strategic as well as operative experience of integrations, migrations, updates and improvements.
  • ... experience of working in IT and information systems towards sales and marketing organizations. This gives you a good understanding of the opportunities and challenges in matching technology with interests of Sales and Marketing.
  • ... previous experience of working in project form, not necessarily leading experience.
  • ... software developing experience, and a good understanding of how information systems are constructed, the advantages and limitations, and how this can be integrated in a larger context. This gives you the knowledge to create high quality requirement specifications. You have experience in working with databases, data analysis, trouble shooting and structuring rest-/web services. You're able to plan and explain how a website should be structured, for example.
You're a positive and outgoing individual, with influential qualities and good communication skills. You exhibit both strong initiative and can act as a driving force, as well as perceptiveness and flexibility. Your social and communicative skills give you the ability to communicate with both the sales and marketing representatives of the project group, as well as our IT-specialists and technicians, both locally and within other Mercedes-Benz quarters. You're creative and solution-oriented, you have both the knowledge and skills required to find synergy between technology and customer experience. You have strong analytical and organizational skills, which gives you the ability to move from abstract to concrete, and to structure ideas and tasks in tangible processes.

You're fluent in English, both speech and writing. You also manage Scandinavian (Swedish, Norwegian or Danish) at a comprehensive level.
The assignment will start during the summer 2017, August at the latest, and will go on continuously. Please note that this is a staffing assignment, which entails that you will be hired by Poolia and working at Mercedes-Benz as a consultant.


We take good care of our consultants and we offer social activities, as well as help in planning your future career. Your consultant manager is well experienced from your field, and knows how to get the most out of your assignment.

As a Poolia employee, you are included in the requirements concerning agreements on terms of employment by Unionen. Moreover, you get a grant for working out at your choice of place. You are also covered by a health insurance.
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