Master thesis - blade tip timing method: advancement in measurement data processing

Master thesis - blade tip timing method: advancement in measurement data processing



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You are someone in your last years studies with the specialization and interests related to digital signal processing, programming in general, math and physics since the proposed project scope would span over multi-disciplinary areas ensuring a gas-turbine engine operation.

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A well-known drawback of BTT is frequency aliasing. This is due to the low sampling rate, which is equal to the rotor speed for each probe. This drawback means that the data is effectively sampled non-uniformly. In the case of asynchronous vibrations (i.e. vibrations with a frequency that is not a multiple of the rotation speed) the vibration is measured at different phase angles at each revolution. If the measurement time is long enough, a complete picture of the vibration will eventually be captured but not in the accurate order.

The digital signal processing research community has developed several anti-aliasing methods for non-uniformly sampled data. It has been shown that a band-limited signal can be uniquely driven from non-uniform samples, provided that the average sampling rate exceeds the Nyquist rate. Such approaches can be applied to seek the BTT aliasing problem.

A previous diploma thesis carried out a detailed initial investigation of several different methods for the analysis of BTT data. The successful candidate will:
  • Investigate if the methods have been accurately implemented.
  • Identify the promising methods among the ones already studied.
  • Carry out further development and refinement of these methods.
The goal would be a complete methodology that can accurately and efficiently identify both synchronous and asynchronous blade vibrations for any bladed assembly.

It is required that the findings are documented in a thesis report (English language). Submission of results to a conference will be appreciated. Examples of dedicated publications would be:
  • V. Kharyton and all, A Discussion on the Advancement of Blade Tip Timing Data Processing, ASME Turboexpo 2017 paper GT2017-63138
  • D. Zachariah and P. Stoica, Online Hyperparameter-Free Sparse Estimation Method, EEE Transactions on Signal Processing 63(13): May 2015
Furthermore, the findings will be presented in a seminar internal to the company at the end of the work.

Your opportunities for personal growth

You will get a team-member experienced working with highly qualified professionals.

You would get in the confidence in solving rather complicated problems related not only to a "multi-physics" of gas-turbine operation but also in general that would potentially make you even more competitive facing nowadays career market challenges.


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Don't hesitate - apply via id nr 224075 not later than 2021-05-16.

For questions about the role please contact recruiting manager John Andersson +46 (0) 122 81620 or project responsible Vsevolod Kharyton +46 (0) 725 345188.

For questions about the recruitment process please contact Nelly Johansson +46 122 81505.

Location: Finspång or remote workplace upon the agreement

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